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  • Soothing and firming Aftershave
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Taste of Honey Canada

Soothing and Firming Aftershave (120ml)

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Welcome to our Soothing and Firming Aftershave.  One of the newest products in our Men's care line.

Designed to tighten pores, cool and soothe the skin after shaving, this will leave your face feeling refreshed and clean.   This is not your grandpa's aftershave, it is all natural with a touch of honey to help heal and replenish without the minty/pine scent that comes with some aftershaves. The scents of lime, sandalwood, vetiver, black pepper, vanilla and coffee will leave you smelling fresh.

Containing witch hazel which  is great for keeping skin calm and cool. Using witch   hazel after a shave can reduce swelling and discoloration, and prevent future razor burn.  Aloe, with it's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties act as a natural remedy for acne. And these same properties protect your skin from infection and prevent any irritation when you shave. Aloe Vera is especially effective at calming razor burn and soothing inflamed ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Like all our products, a little goes a very long way. Put a dropper amount of aftershave into your palm. Rub the aftershave into both of your hands to spread it evenly. Rub the aftershave evenly onto the entire surface that you've shaved.

It is recommended to follow with a moisturizer, we suggest our Beard and Skin conditioner  or our Dry Skin Face Cream

Ingredients: Witch hazel distillate-Alcohol Free, Aloe Vera gel, honey, vitamin E, essential oils.

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