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Taste of Honey Canada

Pure Honey 375ml / 500g

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Raw Niagara Honey in all its glory.


**Available to Ontario Residents only**

Pure Honey. Where everything begins and ends. Raw and pure wild flower honey taken from our 8 hives that are situated on 14 acres. We spoil our bees with their own drinking pond, lots of organic herb and veggie beds as well as a wild flower garden that grows to the side of our property. When they feel the need to travel we are smack dab in the middle of the fruit belt here in Niagara so they have a wonderful variety to choose from.

The benefits to  honey is not only topical but internal.  Taken daily; raw local honey can reduce the severity of seasonal allergies, aid in digestion, is antibacterial, antifungal, soothes sore throats from coughs. Just to name a few.

The pure honey is 100% raw and never pasteurized, giving you and your family the best taste and nutrients.

Our friends over at Humble Bee lovingly care of our brood and take the combs to their Provincially approved facility for extraction and bottling.

Supplies are limited and will only be available for a short time.

Everything we do begins and ends with our bees and honey.  It is what makes our products so special. Pair this with our Healing Salve