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Taste of Honey Canada

*NEW and IMPROVED* Hair band and spatula set

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Hair band and spatula set. In an effort to produce less waste and carry mor eco friendly products, we have sourced a hair band and spatula accessory skin care set that you will love!

Our NEW exclusive black spatula sourced by Creations Essentials, is made from sustainable bamboo, recycled metal and silicone using charcoal as it's colorant.

The hair band and spatula set from Sew Younique Boutique is completely reusable for our

Charcoal and Oatmeal Clarifying mask

Coffee Banana Rejuvenating Mask

Revitalizing Honey Potion Face Mask

The hair band is adjustable and can be used on short or long hair to keep your hair back during your cleansing routine. Once it gets dirty, simply throw it in the wash with your regular laundry.

The spatula ensures that only the right amount of the mask is put on your skin as well as ensure the oils from your fingers do not interfere with the products.  We highly recommend that this is washed then allowed to dry completely in between uses.

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