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Balancing Face Cream (Oily Skin) 56g

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Balancing and toning facial cream for normal to oily skin.


Our Balancing face cream was designed for those with oily skin/acne prone skin.  This works perfectly for those with young over oil productive skin as well as aging skin that still deals with breakouts and excess redness and uneven skin tone. The ingredients of this cream work to not only help with fighting oily skin and current acne but, helps even skin tone, decrease the looks of scars and wrinkles.  They include:

Jojoba Oil - Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, and Anti-oxidant helps moisturize, kill bacteria and control sebum production, while promoting collagen production.

Koium Butter - Moisturizes without clogging pores.  Anti-oxidant which heals breakouts and fades scarring.

Rosehip Essential Oil - High in essential fatty acids.  Increases collagen and elastin to boost skin rejuvenation.  Contains linoleic acid which prevents white and black heads as well as reduces scarring.

Frankincense Essential Oil - Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.  Fights bacteria and alleviates irritated skin while improves texture and heals damaged skin cells.

Lavender Essential Oil  - Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial.  Reduces redness and inflammation, treads rashes and stabilizes natural oils.

Pair our Balancing Face Cream with our Charcoal & Oatmeal clarifying mask

Directions: Best used with the Oily / Acne prone face and body bar.  After washing your face, put a small amount from the scoop on to your fingers, place a small dab  to each cheek, nose, chin, neck and forehead.  Using an upward motion blend all over face and neck.

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