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Raven's Creations

Acne Moisturizing Lotion

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We have teamed up with Raven's Creations ( from Alberta to bring you one-of-a-kind skin care regimen for oily and acne prone skin.

Their Acne Moisturizing Lotion helps reduce oil production and fight acne while moisturizing your skin.  Contains the following.

Tea tree helps shrink pimples

Peppermint clears up clogged pores, reduces redness and inflammation

Rosemary treats redness and puffiness

Frankincense is gentle on sensitive skin, relieves dry skin and heals scars caused by pimples

Oregano is an antiseptic and has antibacterial properties 

Eucalyptus is calming, antimicrobial and great for preventing infections and the spreading of bacteria

Lavender is gentle in the skin, antimicrobial and helps calm painful acne

Available for a Limited time.  Please allow one week before shipping.