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Taste of Honey Canada

2022 Love the Skin You're In Gift Basket

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Welcome to our 2022 Love the Skin You're In Gift Basket!

We have teamed up with two amazing makers for this one-of-a-kind basket.  It will come with everything you see here and will come completely wrapped with a bow, 

That basket includes:

Raven's Creations - Aloe Acne Face treatment, Acne Roll On Spot Treatment, Acne Moisturizer, Facial wash.  All of these combined not only fights acne but also helps keep future breakouts at bay.  These products were designed to balance the skin to ensure your skin is not over dry, fade recent scarring, and heal current breakouts.  

Skin Vibes - Charcoal and Oat Body Bar.  This is the perfect bar for anyone acne/oily patch issues on your body.  Designed to absorb oils as well as soothe redness and blackheads/pimples.  The fresh scent will leave you smelling clean and fresh, never chemically.  Your skin will love the difference.

Taste of Honey Canada - Charcoal and Oatmeal Clarifying Mask, Clarifying and Refining Toner, Reusable/Washable facial rounds, Lip Balms.  Never forget your toner!  After your treatment and before your moisturizing, this toner further helps in the healing process as well as brightening the skin.  This toner comes with its own set up cotton rounds with handy wash bag.  Wash these in hot water to ensure that no excess oils or dirt left behind come back in contact with your face.  As an extra healing measure use our Clarifying Mask, once a week to help draw excess impurities out of the skin and add deep moisture where it is needed most.

For all ingredients, please see the individual products on this site for further details.  Available for a limited time. $30.00 flat fee shipping and handling at time of checkout. Prices for pre-order only.  Prices increase after December 9th.