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Taste of Honey Canada

2022 Spa Basket

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Welcome to our 2022 Spa Basket. 

Have a hedonist in your life?  Someone you know who could use some self-care?  We have the perfect gift for them! Our most luxurious basket of them all!  We've teamed up with FIVE makers to give this one-of-a-kind gift. All this plus wrapped with a bow, wooden ornament signature card as show in example image two.

Containing the following:

Sunny Mountain Laser Company - Who doesn't like a glass of wine (or sangria or even iced tea) when they're having a nice long soak?  This etched glass is perfect for indulging in their favorite beverage.

Bath Explosions Bath Bombs - We provided not one but two of these very special accessories.  Whether they need a soak in a hot tub or need a long hot show, we have provided you with both options! Their Shower Melts and Bath Bombs are all natural and have an amazing scent that won't overpower. 

D'Wick Candles - Who wouldn't want a bath in Paris?  D'Wick has spoiled us with the perfect scent for our spa basket.  Vegan, and made of natural soy, this fragrance is heavenly yet not too strong.  

Potpourri Naturals - Their coffee scrub is the perfect enhancement to any good spa moment.  Gently exfoliates without tearing sensitive skin.  Deeply moisturizes as it sloughs off dead skin cells.

Sheepie Girl Knits - We've provided our facial scrub in this basket and you cannot have our facial scrub without these perfect little washable rounds.  Made of soft materials that won't scratch, it is crochet tightly to give optimal effects of the scrub without the getting stuck in the weave.

Taste of Honey Canada - We have added all kinds of goodies to enhance these amazing products.  Face Serum, Face Scrub, Tranquility Body wash, bath & massage oil, honey potion face mask, hair band and spatula set, face cream, eye cream and lip balms. What more could you ask for?

For all ingredients, please see the individual products on this site for further details.  Available for a limited time. $30.00 flat fee shipping and handling at time of checkout. Prices for pre-order only.  Prices increase after December 9th.