Summer Lovin’ Pomegranate Dragon Fruit & Banana Breezer Lip Balm


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Welcome to the Summer Lovin’ line up.  An exclusive to summer skin care line inspired by Windwick Farms Freeze Dried Experience, to make us feel just a bit less guilty for hanging out in the sun for a bit too long.  Every product of the Summer Lovin’ skin care line contains extra moisture and the added vitamins of freeze dried fruit.

Who doesn’t love a Breezer on a hot day?  Introducing our Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit and Banana Breezer.  Pomegranate and Pink Dragon fruit both contain antioxidants stimulating skin cells as well as aid in decreasing the affects of sun exposure.  The Banana adds richness and fats to your lips making them plump and reduces the look of dry wrinkles.  The addition of cocoa butter adds a hint of sun screen making it the perfect combination of lip moisture love.

Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit and Banana Ingredients: Freeze dried Pomegranates, Pink Dragon Fruit and Banana’s, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, honey and hint of lemon.


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