Face Cream (Skin Rejuvenating) 56g

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Anti-aging / Damaged skin facial cream

This cream has by far been my best seller and for good reason!

This rejuvenating cream was designed specifically for sun damaged/aging skin.  This mix is a wonderful deep moisturizing and cleansing ingredients of Kokum butter, Mango butter and Cucumber oil, smooths skin, reduces fine lines, and tighten skin.  The Honey, Frankincense and Lavender help balance the PH and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

This is a very thick lotion that melts easily once in your fingers.  Each container comes with a cosmetic scoop.

Scoop out a small amount on to your fingers and allow the product to soften on your finger tips.  Massage gently using a upward motion all over your face until absorbed.

Weight 56 g

2 reviews for Face Cream (Skin Rejuvenating) 56g

  1. Diane Stanhope (verified owner)

    Love how this cream feels on my face after I use the Rejuvenating bar. A perfect match for sure. I have Rosatia and very sensitive skin and I can totally feel & see the calming effect that this combination has on my skin.

  2. Lisa Wyse (verified owner)

    I just hit 50 so I’m a lot more aware that I need to take care of my skin. My job has me outside spending a lot of time in the sun and I’ve done some damage over the years. I’ve tried a lot of products and don’t care for most. However, I liked this one so much I told my wife about it which works out great for Taste of Honey now we’re both using it. It’s very rich and leaves my face feeling soft and not oily. I appreciate that none of the products I’ve tried are overly fragranced. It takes a moment to melt between my fingers and work into my skin but it’s so worth it. This is a really lovely face cream. I’ll be a repeat customer for this for sure!

    • honey-admin

      Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your endorsement! It means so much.

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