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Our Mission

All Taste of Honey Canada’s products contain pure raw honey, taken from 8 hives on 14 acres, in the heart of the Niagara wine region.  Everything we create is made in small batches to give our customers a unique experience.

Feel the Difference.

Hi and welcome!  My name is Carrie Gazda, owner, and maker of all things “Taste of Honey”.  My products were born out of sheer desperation.  Unlike most, my skin as I aged became oilier and acne prone.  We have had hives on our land for over 4 years and decided to do some research.  Instead of using my honey for baking and making jams, I decided to take courses on making Natural Skin Care and getting in to the “science” of honey, essential oils, and butters.  I then started making a skin regimen that would work for my skin type.

I couldn’t believe the difference!  I started experimenting with different skin types and studying what works best with what to bring maximum benefit without having to use preservatives or man-made chemicals.  With my friends and family, assisting and being my testers. 

I had a steady stream of customers but, it remained small just providing a few products until Covid hit.  At the urging of my family and friends, I experimented some more, offered more products, that are being added weekly and A Taste of Honey Canada was born.

My sincere goal is to provide everyone an affordable pure product that makes them feel pampered & at their best.

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